Toblerone: Kraft Foods Switzerland


Despite retaining its position as a leading confectionery brand worldwide, Toblerone felt a need to refresh the iconic brand and pack design, ensuring its relevance to more discerning and sophisticated generation of consumers. 





The Matterhorn mountain was the original inspiration for the triangular shape of the chocolate and we reinforced this association with an evocative line drawing that replaced the abstract blue ‘Tobler’ triangle.  

       The subtle inclusion of a bear, Berne’s city symbol, adds visual humour and interest while introducing a wholly unique and ownable            element to Toblerone’s new icon.




To enhance Toblerone’s iconic brand currency and ensure on shelf stand out, we brightened the chamois yellow pack colour and logo. And the Toblerone is the ultimate duty free chocolate gift, we introduced a more luxurious graphic treatment for this market,                     incorporating a subtle background with gold embossed detailing.





Not only has the brand revitalisation work (rebranding of pack, new advertising and exciting below-the-line activity) led to increased sales of Toblerone worldwide, but it has stimulated fresh interest and pride in the brand within Kraft Foods.



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