Design objectives:

To design a new single serve PET bottle that is appropriate for the entire Tropicana portfolio of chilled juices and smoothies. 
To create a bottle design that has iconic status potential and is clearly Tropicana brand associated through ownable structural design equities.
To have excellent shelf standout and size impression versus key competitors.



Design considerations: 

Work within the existing technical specifications supplied.
Be aware of the need to scale up/ down to other sizes.
Bottle to enable strong branding through labelling and function.
Utilise embossing and textures to enhance premium and product cues.



Selected design ‘Edge’:

‘This design out performs all other on brand measures like - worth paying for, best tasting, looks fresh, looks juicy, makes me want to pick it up for someone like me’.
‘People like this design because it’s new, different and innovative. The design also communicates well on quality and fits with the Tropicana brand’.




 We developed sketches and created foam models from 3D data before going to soft moulding. 





‘SiebertHead have successfully designed and developed a range of innovative Tropicana PET bottles that are brand enhancing, consumer compelling and clearly differentiated within the chilled fruit juice category. This was achieved whilst being designed for manufacture in meeting tight technical specifications and production efficiency target.’ Asit Modha, PepciCo International



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